The tone is amazing. Was: $699.00. I think if I went the 335 route I would have to go with the VOS 1960. Look, there's no right or wrong here just preference. I especially love the shape of the 1961 guitars…wide and shallow. ES-345's." Well built guitars at the price point despite the many stories of annoying finishing issues and as frustrating as that is. But, 335's are awsome guitars, all their own. An in depth discussion of all things related to vintage and newer Gibson ES-335, ES-345 and ES-355 electric guitars. Essentially the 335's, 355's and 345's are the same chassis. So my friend . If its just an inlay/varitone thing, can that really amount to almost a thousand bucks more? I guess what I'm driving at is there any real difference in the over all play ie feel, action, etc... between the two guitars. The ES-336 was the first fully carved semi-hollowbody guitar as well as a smaller instrument than the ES-335, with a body width of 13 inches and a length of 16, verses the ES-335’s 16 ½-inch width and 20-inch length. Essentially the 335's, 355's and 345's are the same chassis. Check them out below:Gibson ES-355 VOS in Sixties Cherry w/ Bigsby: 1961 ES-330TD Figured VOS w/Bigsby: here to view the whole Gibson range at Andertons: . I use position #1 (bypass) most of the time, but also use position #3 fairly often. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors.   Pasted as rich text. I do like the varitone actually, and I don't mind it's aesthetic impact on the guitar, in fact I kind of like it. Privacy Policy | The Gibson ES-335 FIND OUT ABOUT THESE FABULOUS GUITARS THAT HAVE BEEN PART OF THE GIBSON LINE SINCE 1958. And I'm not saying that 335's aren't great guitars, or that varitones and stereo wiring are necessarily great features. GIBSON ES-335 ES-345 ES-355. Not withstanding that, the 345 does have it's fans. The ES 345 is perhaps my favorite guitar of all time. L5Larry's comparison of a 345 with a stop tailpiece vs his 335 with a trapeze tailpiece is not something you can base anything on really (in terms of choosing one model over the other). As the player and the musician you make the music and play what you have available. Tonally, pretty much the same. I just think it's mostly driven by "I want what he has" (like you mentioned in your first post... people don't think creatively or individually). The fancier binding and the split parallelogram markers make for a very classy instrument. Most semi-hollow players do prefer stop tailpieces over trapezes though, so that's something to think about. $102.71 shipping. ;>). Clear editor. The ES-335 is a semi-hollowbody guitar which means that it has a solid block of wood running through its center with hollow wings on either side. I also bought a PRS Hollowbody II because I liked the 335 so much. Chappers and The Captain check out two incredible Semi-Hollow guitars from Gibson. So, there's, no "bad" choice, there. !Lee \u0026 RobGreetings I'm Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars.I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo.Twitter: to my channel by clicking this magic button: There are so many effects units on the market you dont need something built into the guitar, it just kind of takes away from the natural beauty of just having 4 knobs. Most of those people will never be recognised for being creative and doing something new. Gold Supporting Member. There may be some variances between certain special models but overall it's the same guitar with different features. And most semi hollow players prefer a 335. hence the price difference. The Les Paul not so much: it was 27 years old, and had been heavily played, when I bought it. Very under-appreciated guitars, imo. If you prefer the tones you can get with a 345 then fair play, and nobody elses opinion should matter. The Gibson ES-335 (along with variants like the ES-345 and ES-355) has proven to be one of the most versatile and successful electric guitar models ever produced. The normal 335's also have this kind hard to play vibe about them for me which, could be alleviated by a good setup, but I'm wondering if this a standard thing across the board for all the standard 335's and 345's. 29 watching. Finally Ive got the money to buy a real Gibson, but I cant choose between the Les Paul Standard (08) and the ES-335 DOT. By having the Varitone on the guitar it's distracting before you even start, and you can end up going round in circles trying to find a tone rather than just getting on and playing. More Less PRICE. Look at the 330 with trapeze tail piece what a beautiful and great guitar. The ES-345 had double parallelogram position markers and the ES-355had rectangular block makers on an ebony fretboard. They have produced five variations of the Gibson ES-335 and two ES-335 signature series. $799.00. As i've gotten older i've come to appreciate the classic and basically perfect design of the ES 335. RSS. BUUUUUT, both of these particular guit-fiddles are pretty tough to come by in person; I very rarely see an es-345 in the store and only once have I seen a VOS 335 and it was 59. Copyright 2019 Gibson Brands, Inc. All rights reserved. The trapeze tailpiece was possibly an attempt to adapt the sound of the 335 and win back customers who had gone over to Fender. Larry, you've mentioned (several times, before) not liking the "current production (Memphis). Why are the 345's new so much more than a standard dot reissue new? . There are leftover Nashville '59 Historics at many large dealers. The simplicity and elegant ease of use of the ES-335 is why that model is more respected than the Gibson ES-355. Also are they essentially the same construction or are different woods involved in the body, making a tonal difference between the guitars? ), so don't make assumptions based on small sample sizes. Epiphone 335 Dot Sunburst. I honestly don't even know what the price difference is for new models, but there's no doubt that vintage 335's have been pricier for many years. God knows how he pulled that off live all these years! "Action" is something that's adjustable. Some people see this as a negative, I kind of like to fool around with it. You can't go wrong, either way...IMHO. Also, even within a single model category, playability/feel can vary from one guitar to another (from 335 to 335, from 345 to 345, etc. and trying to decide between the ES335 and the ES339. Display as a link instead, × I assume there's got to be something more going on with the 345 quality-wise. I (personally) love the ES-345 (and, 355's). I love the parallelogram neck inlays and the varitone switch, but recently I've become enamored with the 335's and it's not hard to see why. Like the Les Paul, the ES-335 stands as one of Gibson's all-time most iconic models. Advertiser Disclosure. I have a Nashville '59 Historic ES 335, and I find the fairly big neck to be quite comfortable. If you like block inlays rather than dots, go with the '63 re-issue, which has bigger inlays plus a thinner neck profile on the same 1 11/16" nut width as the '59 and '60 re-issues. Ditto on the SHERATION if you can find a "good one." Why, specifically? I played a 335 for 20 years, and then decided I needed an "upgrade", so I bought a "Historic Series" ES-345. $60.00 shipping. Varitone for me is something that would just go unused, but even in the off position it's still affecting the tone due to being wired in so I would rather just not have it. With the '60 re-issue, which will be a Memphis guitar rather than a Nasville guitar these days, you get basically the same body, but probably with a slightly thinner neck. The popularity and the fanbase and the preference (the "premium" put on 335's) is largely about "lore" (dotnecks with paf's, Clapton having played a 335, etc etc). Compare apples to apples, if possible. It's funny how people follow fashion when it comes to music and guitars. The ES-339 is very similar to the ES-335 but with a smaller body and the input jack on the side of the body (rather than the front). It's just a matter of finding the one that really speaks to you. The 345 has the parallelograms and the varitone switch which is supposed to add a choice of tonal flavor. X. but then again look at Steve Howe with the 175. My 335 is from the early days of their manufacture in Memphis, but it was not built by beginners. God knows how he pulled that off live all these years! I also feel that I would rather just play or write something first using a basic uncluttered guitar. Paste as plain text instead, × Compare prices on new and used Gibson ES-335 Dot Reissue Electric Guitars on Reverb. Crafted with a maple centerblock and quarter-sawn Adirondack spruce bracing, players will be impressed by the lightweight feel and expanded range of tonal capabilities.   Your link has been automatically embedded. By all means though! But to me any mods like that are generally done for a specific sound you are trying to get for songs you actually like playing or might be writing. I have a 66 pro reverb that I push pretty hard and use my volume to control the gain, but I run it full bore a lot of times. Hook a brother up, y'all!! From the very beginning the top of the line ES-355 was available in both stereo with the varitone circuitry and in mono. By submitting this form you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. My experience says it's a slim chance of finding one where the string vibration makes more noise than the frets. Most Gibson ES-335 are eligible for free shipping. The 335 also can get some cool feedback going on with the body resonating when played with gain at high volumes. What are your thoughts on these two guitars head to head, what are the major differences? Both are beautiful guitars but it really is about personal taste. Good Luck, with your decision! B.B. Also I like to get pretty fuzzy with an old big muff. The ES-335 has a warmer tone which is more resonant. I'll bet the vast majority of 335 owners have never tried a 345 or a 355. Upload or insert images from URL. Also the place on manufacture, there is a lot of discussion regarding memphis vs. nashville, I'm wonder about the impact this might make on the two guitars. I would reccomend trying a 345 vs a 335 to see for yourself what the difference is. just clutter the guitar. I'm not a fan of the current production model Memphis built 345's, and I don't think Gibson has built any Nashville Historics like mine since around 2000. For that reason, we only looked at humbucker-equipped semi-hollow guitars with dimensions and scale length approximating that of a current Gibson ES-335 that cost less than $1300 used or new.   You cannot paste images directly. All the other 335's currently listed are Memphis guitars. Good luck and have fun with your decision mate. Gibson ES-335 Guitars If someone says "semi-hollow guitar", the first thing most people will imagine is a Gibson ES-335. And most semi hollow players prefer a 335. hence the price difference. Personally speaking, i have a 355 and have just replaced it with a 335 59 VOS historic reissue and i love it! The 345 and 355 also had a multi-position Varitone switch. Many would argue that the alternate tones derived from the varitone switch are undesirable which is the reason why it wasn't a big seller when origionally released. The ES-355 also had a split-diamond inlay on the headstock similar to the Les Paul Custom. . But still if you you buy a 335 it's always gonna be worth it. So I'm turning to my fellow depraved, itching, mouth frothing 6 string junkies to throw their two cents into the ring and help me make a decision. Really the question is whether or not you like what the Varitone switch has to offer. There may be some variances between certain special models but overall it's the same guitar with different features. Is this assumption true? Though the Gibson ES-355 is a fancier version of the Gibson ES-345 or ES-335, it is far less collectible because the added gold hardware, binding, Varitone, Stereo, vibrato, etc. I'm new to posting, but have been reading this messageboard for quite sometime now, so I'm pretty keen on all the goings on here. Two Trini Lopez signature models were developed based on the ES-335 model, known as the Trini Lopez Standard and the Trini Lopez Custom. The Historic '63 re-issues are Nashville guitars.   Your previous content has been restored. I BUY, SELL & TRADE THEM. or Buy It Now. I'LL HELP YOU DATE, EVALUATE & APPRAISE THEM. The ES-339 is born from another fusion of Gibson models: the ES-336, which was launched in 1996, and the ES-335. PRICE Facet Value £1500 - £2000 (3) £1500 - £2000 (3) Facet Value £2000 - … The switch to the trapeze tailpiece happened around the time that Gibson stopped making the Les Paul – hard to believe today, but in the mid-sixties (pre overdriven rock) gitarists simply weren’t buying them. Most semi-hollow players do prefer stop tailpieces over trapezes though, so that's something to think about. King liked this but most reviewers don’t think much of it. The mono version was wired to be identical to a 335 but with all sorts of upgrades. Although I can’t verify this, I am fairly sure the ES-355 (and maybe the ES-345) had maple necks instead of mahogany. Unlike the 335, the ES-355 featured an Ebony fingerboard with large block inlays, as well as multiply binding on the body. It's hard to beat the simplicity of the 335. Terms & Conditions | Registered Trademarks. It's handy to be able to get completely different sonic qualities out of the guitar by the twist of a switch knob, without have to mess with pedal or amp settings, OR changing guitars. Become a huge success and put more value on the 345 market lol. Just because I like the option, of the Varitone, and the extra "bling," too. Decisions, decisions! Epiphone ES-335 Figured Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar (Raspberry Tea Burst) $599.00. Fired up the 345 and never looked back. Pros: 1. . The 355 is essentially a 335 with 'luxury appointments'. 0 bids. And I just feel that less is more when it comes to looks also. Initially I was completely wooed by the the 345. The 345 has come in many different versions over the years (mono/stop-tail/varitone, same in stereo, Bigby, Maestro, trapeze, most in stereo, some in mono), so you need to decide what configuration will work best for you. Thanks again everyone! In 1959, Gibson introduced the ES-355 TDSV which included the Varitone switch of the ES-345 and stereo outputs. If that was not an option then maybe id steer towards a 335 VOS reissue or something. Just curious... Is it "Custom Shop," as opposed to "normal" (whatever that means) Gibson quality issues? Storm your way into the music business with a 345! Anything else can be done with pedals and effects units to infinity and beyond. They usually cost less than the […] Even since I got my '62 Epi Sheraton (even before, actually), I've been tempted to tell people to be a little different and get a Riviera or a Sheraton with mini-hb's. What is a Gibson 'Dot'? A new or used Gibson ES 355 guitar is versatile and made with small changes to suit the music or style you play. Marvelous, beautiful simplicity! If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. In my case, I definitely preferred my 2000 built Histroric mono, varirone, stop-tail 345 over my 1975 trapeze 335. A lot of folks don’t like the stereo wiring and the Varitone switch but those can be removed if you choose to do so. epiphone by gibson 335 guitar with bigsby vibrado. Product Comparison: Epiphone ES-335 PRO vs Gibson ES-335. The gold hardware ES-355-unless specially ordered, came with a Bigsby or, by late 1960, a sideways trem and by 63 a Maestro vibrato. Are they (really) different "spec's," woods, finishing, etc.? I get what everyone is saying. Well exactly. The 335 is considered the classic of the ES series due to it's versatility and functionality without the clutter (visually and physically) of the 345 and 355. I would reccomend trying a 345 vs a 335 to see for yourself what the difference is. Cheers! Even the Gibson ES-335 Studio and the short-lived Gibson ES-333 (designed to be an affordable alternative) hover around the $1300 mark. By This really appeals to some people. I personally prefer the way of using the volume and tone controls to get tones. I play mostly classic rock, jam band, blues and a little country. The Gibson ES-335 Dot has been known by more than one name over the last three decades, but it's undoubtedly singular in its popularity as one of Gibson's most well-known reissues. If that was not an option then maybe id steer towards a 335 VOS reissue or something. I also have Les Paul's, Strats and PRSs to which to compare. The Gibson ES-335 Figured is the perfect blend of form and function. The day I picked up the 345 (and after a quick setup and string change) I took both to a gig. You can post now and register later. Start here for a closer look: The Ebony Black: This is an all-black model for the ES 355 and promises the same performance specs but with a decor change. By all means I think that mods to guitars tone are a cool thing to do. Variations include the following: CS series: This Gibson is a smaller version of the ES-335 And when it comes to craftmanship, I think youll find that Gibsons are Gibsons. I'd like to get a VOS 335 used, preferably, but those are right in the same wheelhouse as a 345 used, and the VOS, I imagine, is going to be far better craftsmanship than a regular 345. I own a Gibson Custom Shop 335 as well as a Collings i35. Thats all it boils down to..The fanbase for that guitar. Gibson Brands, Inc. respects your right to privacy. × Gibson Es 355 varieties. My 335 is flawless, as was the SG. Gibson ES-335 vs ES-339. Also from I what I recall about a mid 2000's 345 I played was that it was a harder guitar to play on than was the 59 335 vos I played. The Tone! As the flagship Gibson ES series model, there's plenty of variety within the range! TBH in one sense if you want to get a better value for your money your better off looking at modern contemporary like a 339 or 137. Les Paul are used for pretty much any genre of music, whereas ES-335 guitars are mainly used for blues and jazz. Any 335, 345, 355 or any other gibson for that matter is gonna feel like a really nice well built and solid guitar in your hands. If you’re just interested in the specs, then check out the table below to compare all the key features between the standard versions of the Gibson Les Paul and ES-335. Also I have been looking into 330's but as a full hollow body I don't think it will be all that great for really cranking it on stage. Thats the point. Thats all it boils down to..The fanbase for that guitar. Anyway I am struggling to decide which guitar to dive in and get. Jun 15, 2012 #1 Coming into some money(woo Hoo!) I sold the 335 shortly after that. The Venetian cutaways and the neck joint at the 19th fret provide easy access to … $325.00. I just don't know that a full on hollow body could be manageable in that situation, but then again look at Steve Howe with the 175. Messages 5,366. there's no right or wrong in a choice between the 335 or 345. Mine are from different eras - the 335 is from '66 with patent # pickups and my main LP is an R7 with '57s or whatever they call the stock pickups. Hi there, Ive got a really hard decision to make. Gibson guitar manufacturing depends a lot more on the quality of the fixtures in the plant than where the plant is located. Till this moment I love them both, and they both have their positives (and negatives). Get the best price on Gibson ES-335 at Guitar Center. Thread starter jerryfan6; Start date Jun 15, 2012; jerryfan6. Chappers and The Captain check out two incredible Semi-Hollow guitars from Gibson. Actually the price difference is something that has me wondering. The original 335 had dot position markers and a mahogany neck. × Ratings You can get some interesting tone variations out of the varitone, but as most people agree, only two or three of the six positions are actually useful on stage (the others are useful in the studio, but there is too much volume differential for stage use). They were initially produced from 1964-1971, and reissues have been produced periodically since the initial run. ALSO, I’m wondering if anyone knows the names and history of the phenomenal builders at Gibson Kalamazoo who shaped the necks on the 335’s, 345’s, 355’s, 350’s, Barney Kessels, L-5’s, Byrdland’s, Les Paul’s, SG’s, etc., from ’52 rheoufh ’64 ?? The Gibson ES-335 was designed as a compromise between the warm, dark sound of a hollow body and the practicality of a solid body guitar such as the Gibson Les Paul, which wasn’t as prone to feedback as a hollow-body. Ending Thursday at 10:52AM PST 3d 16h. Gibson has offered variations of the ES-335 guitar through the years. Hello everyone! More recent additions (and subtractions – models come and go) include the 336 and 339var… Each incorporates body/neck alterations or provides control/pickup upgrades. There can be a significant difference between Memphis and Nashville guitars, for which some of us are willing to pay the additional premium of $2K+ in nominal retail price. That said I know I like the slim taper 60's neck which both guitar have. Gibson USA ES-335 Figured in Sixties Cherry Left Handed. TinyBabyBrandon, October 29, 2011 in Gibson Custom. Gibson Les Paul Standard Vs ES-335 Let's first look at the benchmark Gibson Les Paul Standard and ES-335 (2015 models) side-by-side before moving on to the lower priced offerings.
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