By Lisa Walden. Visit our Los Angeles museums and library, interact with art, and access free research tools. The Getty Museum Challenge. Apr 3, 2020 MoMorad Getty Images. Earlier this week, the Getty Museum asked people to recreate a work of art using only people and/or objects found around their homes. The Getty’s challenge was inspired by a similar online event presented by the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam earlier this month. The challenge: Followers must re-create a piece from the Getty archives using only a few things lying around the house. The rule technically is three items, but … This challenge, started by the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, encourages people to hunt through their homes … One of these activities was the Getty museum challenge promoted by the J. Paul Getty Museum, which gained popularity worldwide and even after a few months shows no sign of abating. So be sure to check them out as well. Getty. Luckily, the J. Paul Getty Museum, based in Los Angeles, gave art fans something different to do besides Netflix and chilling. However, the Getty isn't the only art museum doing a challenge like this. Social media, during the months of March and April 2020, witnessed a series of artistic and creative “challenges”. In fact, the Getty Museum challenge was inspired by an Instagram account from Amsterdam called Tussen Kunst en Quarantaine (aka Between Art and Quarantine). "We challenge you to recreate a … So this challenge put forth by the Getty Museum should be a snap. The Getty Museum has challenged its Twitter followers to recreate some iconic works of art, leading to some impressive and hilarious results. The Getty in Los Angeles, California sparked a viral trend of recreating art masterpieces at home. But we reached a new level of art appreciation this week when the Getty Museum challenged the Internet to browse its online collection and re-create works of art at home. Getty Museum's quarantine challenges sees people recreate works of art using household items. And the results are just brilliant.
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