School Education Project

Education Project:
We started the project so that LMC school children needed help in enhancing the science education. There is absence of English, Science and Hindi teacher. A school number 2 located in Bhangarwadi was identified.
It was decided that intervention was required at the teen age level, 8th to 10th standard for science. This school was attached to a Urdu medium school. So this school was chosen.

The team identified a resource person with 40 years of teaching experience Mr.Khare and he started teaching the subject science. The teacher comes 15 days a month and takes classes for both urdu medium and Marathi medium. We pay him 1000 per day.
The report so far has been good there are approximately 170 students taking advantage.

For the coming year following are the proposals.

1. We could start to look at providing aptitude test so that there could be determination on inclination of their interest.
2. We should also start teaching English for which we will need additional resource.
3. We are thinking of also taking them out for exertions / picnic.
4. Inviting members / volunteers for contributing in teaching.

Total budget required for year 2017-18 is
15000 x 12 – 1, 80,000 (Science)
7500 x 12 = 90,000 (English)
25000 = Excretion


  • Ms.Rashida Shroff
  • Ms.Meenakshi
  • Ms.Tanu Mehta